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Focus On Your Customers, Let TROY FlexPay Take Care of Your QuickBooks Invoices

TROY FlexPay is a robust, secure, and easy to use accounts payable solution that seamlessly integrates with your QuickBooks. TROY FlexPay empowers your hospitality businesses to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency.
Explore the features and benefits of TROY FlexPay that hospitality leaders leverage to spend less time on processing checks and more time focused on their customers. 
Cute female manager posing with the staff in a modern kitchen
Travertine house interior of beige living room
Nuremberg, Germany at Hangmans Bridge over the Pegnitz River.
Cute female manager posing with the staff in a modern kitchen
Travertine house interior of beige living room
Nuremberg, Germany at Hangmans Bridge over the Pegnitz River.

TROY FlexPay Works for Hospitality

TROY FlexPay offers a set of features designed with the hospitality industry in mind, combining user friendly interface with advanced functionality. The following features make TROY FlexPay an ideal QuickBooks payment solution:

QuickBooks Integration: Seamlessly integrate with your QuickBooks invoice data. Your organization can begin processing payments easier than ever without disrupting your current payment processes.

Detailed Reporting: Accurate records are critical to any organization. TROY FlexPay provides detailed reporting for accountability and peace of mind.

Intuitive UI: Quickly assess your invoices in QuickBooks with our user-friendly interface. You can easily see when payments are due and process an ACH payment or digital check with only a few mouse clicks.

Dedicated Partnership: Our development team is actively engaged with our customers as real partners. We ensure that TROY FlexPay is offering the solutions that matter to you and your business.

Reduce Administrative Overhead: Remove all the stress and time lost to printing QuickBooks checks. The TROY FlexPay software and our experienced engineers by your side, you can process payments more easily. Saving you time and money so you can focus revenue, not payment processing.

Most Secure Payments Available: Your QuickBooks payments are more secure than ever with TROY FlexPay's fraud resistant MICR toner or secure digital payment options. 

Outsource the Tedious Tasks: TROY FlexPay can help you move away from managing printers and expensive check stock. Our outsourcing option for check fulfillment helps reduce operational costs associated with QuickBooks check printing without an expensive contract or commitment.

Easy Transition to Digital Payments: Upgrade your QuickBooks beyond traditional check printing. Begin your journey to digital payment and reduce the operational costs of check printing. With TROY FlexPay you can process payments with Paper Checks, Digital Checks, or ACH without disrupting your current workflows.

Flexible Payment Options: TROY FlexPay allows you to choose the way that works best for your business to process payments. Today it can be traditional paper checks, next week you can outsource check printing to us, and next year you can be fully digital. There are no fees or penalties for changing the way you process a payment. Use what works best for you in that moment.


TROY FlexPay proves to be an indispensable solution for the hospitality industry, empowering businesses to optimize payment processes, reduce costs, and enhance financial management. With its seamless integration with QuickBooks, advanced features, and real-world success stories, TROY FlexPay is the ideal companion for hospitality businesses seeking to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and achieve financial excellence.

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