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TROY FlexPay in Professional Services: Streamlining Financial Operations by Extending QuickBooks

TROY FlexPay is a state-of-the-art payment automation solution designed with professional service providers in mind. Streamline your QuickBooks financial operations, improving efficiency, and minimizing errors. TROY FlexPay enables professional service firms like yours to optimize payment processing seamlessly and transition to digital payments at a pace you set.

Let's dive into the world of TROY FlexPay and discover how it can revolutionize your financial workflows and generate real savings for your business.

Couple with realtor signing mortgage contract
Broker making a presentation to a young couple showing them a document which they are viewing with serious expressions
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Couple with realtor signing mortgage contract
Broker making a presentation to a young couple showing them a document which they are viewing with serious expressions
Young man during therapy at psychologists office

Professional Services Find Success and Savings with TROY FlexPay:

TROY FlexPay offers a multitude of features specifically tailored to enhance payment processing. By seamlessly integrating with QuickBooks, TROY FlexPay enables professional services to:

Easy QuickBooks Sync: Seamlessly sync with your QuickBooks invoice records. Your organization can begin processing payments easier than ever without disrupting your current processes.

Detailed Reporting: Accurate record keeping is a critical activity to success. TROY FlexPay provides detailed reporting that is easy to customize and can be quickly generated whenever you need visibility for your QuickBooks transactions.

Easy to Use Interface: Quickly assess your invoices in QuickBooks with our easy to navigate interface. You can easily see when payments are due and with a couple of mouse clicks print checks from QuickBooks.

We Listen to Our Customers: Our development team is actively talking to our customers to learn what is important. We want to know what you need for your business to be successful so we can be a partner that supports you today and tomorrow.

Reduce Administrative Overhead: No more stress and time lost to printing QuickBooks checks. The TROY FlexPay software paired with our experienced engineers can help you process payments more easily. You can focus on your customers and stop worrying about the costs of processing QuickBooks payments.

Most Secure Payments Available: Your QuickBooks invoices are more secure than ever with TROY FlexPay's fraud resistant MICR toner or secure digital payment options. You gain more security and more financial protection without having to change the way you process QuickBooks invoices.

Outsource the Tedious Tasks: TROY FlexPay can help you move away from managing printers and expensive check stock. Our outsourcing option for check fulfillment helps reduce monthly costs associated with QuickBooks check printing without an expensive contract or commitment.

Easy Transition to Digital Payments: Upgrade your QuickBooks beyond traditional check printing. Begin your journey to digital payment and reduce the operational costs of check printing. With TROY FlexPay you can process payments with Paper Checks, Digital Checks, or ACH without disrupting your current workflows.

Flexible Payment Options: TROY FlexPay allows you to choose the way that works best for your business to process payments. Today it can be traditional paper checks, next week you can outsource check printing to us, and next year you can be fully digital. There are no fees or penalties for changing the way you process a payment. Use what works best for your business that day.


TROY FlexPay empowers professional service firms with a comprehensive payment automation solution that seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks. By streamlining financial operations, simplifying payment processes, ensuring security, and enhancing cash flow management, TROY FlexPay optimizes the financial workflows of professional service businesses, enabling them to focus more efficiently on their core activities. With its numerous features and proven benefits, TROY FlexPay is the ideal choice for professional services looking to elevate their payment processing capabilities and improve overall financial efficiency.

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