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Pay Bills from QuickBooks Easier, with More Flexibility

TROY FlexPay is designed to make paying bills in QuickBooks simple whiles saving you money. TROY has been supporting our bank customers for decades, we are bringing that experience to small businesses.


TROY is a QuickBooks Solutions Partner that allows you to leverage our expertise in your QuickBooks account to save money printing traditional paper checks or to help support your transition into digital payments.

TROY FlexPay Features

QuickBooks Integration

Effortlessly sync TROY FlexPay with your QuickBooks account and bill data. Securely start processing payments easier than ever without disrupting your current workflows.

Multiple Ways to Pay

Conveniently choose between traditional paper checks, outsourcing, and digital payments to securely process a payment from your QuickBooks account.

Approval Workflows

Increase controls and visibility over how your company processes payments with approval settings. Whether it's a paper check or digital payment, you always have full control.

Detailed Reporting

Accurate record-keeping allows you to review individual transactions within a specific date range, ensuring transparency and minimizing errors or discrepancies.

Bills In Progress

Always know the status of a payment with real-time payment tracking. You can track ongoing bills with payment submission details for up-to-date progress monitoring. 

Vendor Management

Access vendor details, review open bills, and adjust payment preferences with ease. We help you simplify vendor communication and payment processing to streamline the entire process.

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