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Our Customers In Construction Are Saving Time And Money With FlexPay

Managing payments and cash flow is a vital component of any successful construction project. It can also be a time-consuming and complex process for construction industry professionals that would rather be focusing their time on revenue focused activity. That's where TROY FlexPay for QuickBooks comes in - a payment processing solution designed with the construction industry in mind.
TROY FlexPay offers a range of features and benefits that can help streamline payment processes, reduce administrative workload, and improve cash flow management. All designed to reduce administrative overhead for projects.
Female architect at a construction site looking happy
Construction worker using electric drill on building site
Team of architects working on construction plans
Female architect at a construction site looking happy
Construction worker using electric drill on building site
Team of architects working on construction plans

How TROY FlexPay Works

TROY FlexPay offers a range of features that can help construction industry professionals manage their payments and cash flow more efficiently:

Easy QuickBooks Integration: Effortlessly integrate TROY FlexPay with your QuickBooks data. You can start processing payments easier than ever without disrupting your current projects timelines.

Detailed Reporting: We know that accurate records are important to the successful operation of any business. TROY FlexPay provides detailed reporting that are easy to customize and can be quickly generated.

Easy to Use Interface: Quickly assess your invoices in QuickBooks with our user-friendly interface. You can see when payments are due and with a couple of mouse clicks, print checks from QuickBooks with ease.

A Dedicated Partner: Our development team is actively listening to our customers to learn what is important. We want to know what you need today and tomorrow for you to be successful.

Reduce Administrative Overhead: Remove all the stress and time lost to printing QuickBooks checks. The TROY FlexPay software and our experienced engineers can help you process payments more easily. Freeing up more time to focus on your projects and worry less about the costs of processing QuickBooks payments.

Most Secure Payments Available: Your QuickBooks payments are more secure than ever with TROY FlexPay's fraud resistant MICR toner or secure digital payment options. You gain more security and more financial protection without having to change the way you process QuickBooks invoices.

Outsource the Tedious Tasks: TROY FlexPay can help you move away from managing printers and expensive check stock. Our outsourcing option for check fulfillment helps reduce monthly costs associated with QuickBooks check printing without an expensive contract or commitment. It's a flexible option available to all our TROY FlexPay customers at no additional cost.

Easy Transition to Digital Payments: Upgrade your QuickBooks beyond traditional check printing. Begin your journey to digital payment and reduce the operational costs of check printing. With TROY FlexPay you can process payments with Paper Checks, Digital Checks, or ACH without changing how you work.

Flexible Payment Options: TROY FlexPay allows you to choose the way that works best for your business to process payments. Today it can be traditional paper checks, next week you can outsource check printing to us, and next year you can be fully digital. There are no fees or penalties for changing the way you process a payment. Use what works best for your business that day.

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